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Gratitude Journal Kit

Gratitude Journal Kit

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🎉 Introducing our newest creation: the ultimate journaling bundle! Dive into the world of creativity with our two-part package designed to ignite inspiration. Part one features a beautifully crafted grid blank journal, complete with an elastic pen holder band, unique artistic designs, and delicate embellishments to spark your imagination. But that's just the beginning! Part two is a digital download, delivered straight to your inbox, containing 13 pages of gratitude prompts, journaling templates, and more, perfectly tailored for your newfound journaling adventure. Whether you're a seasoned journaler or just starting out, this bundle is your ticket to unlocking endless possibilities. Order now for $23, including shipping, and let the journey begin! ✨📔✏️ 

6 book pages
2 pretty spring design papers
1 small paper doily
1small lace flower
24” crochet lace
1-5 1/4x 8 1/4” chalk couture dot grid blank journal

And 13 page digital download with 28 day gratitude prompts and templates and other design pages to use in your journal.
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